Have you ever had that day where your to-do list was completed by noon, so you spent the rest of the day getting ahead on tomorrow’s? Me neither. Work is never in short supply. There is always one more thing to get done. One more thing to plan, one more household project, one more bill to get paid, one more toy to buy. We say we don’t have time to attend an event. We say that we don’t have time to get something done. Let me ask you this. Would you have time for a heart procedure? Have you ever told your boss that you don’t have time for him? Have you ever told someone that you couldn’t get to harvesting until after the snow fell? Life is always about priorities.

In Luke 10, Jesus visits the house of Mary and Martha. Martha is busy with serving. Today, she would be checking the oven temperature and timer, getting the plates and silverware ready to go, and carefully measuring out the coffee and ice tea. She has million things to get done. People are waiting on here. Internally, she’s frustrated that for all of her busyness, she is getting no help. Meanwhile, her sister, Mary, is sitting at the feet of Jesus. In these days, many teachers (called rabbis back then) would have objected to her sitting with the disciples. Yet Jesus continues teaching, women and all. Mary is listening to words of life while Martha is running around the kitchen getting everything ready.

In this picture, who are you? Are the hospitality guru with a million things to get done? Or, are you Mary, the one simply sitting at Jesus’ feet? Martha finally expresses her frustration to Jesus, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.” Jesus replies, “Martha, Martha, you concern yourself with many things.” In the busyness of life, many of us can relegate Jesus to the backseat. We get a jump on the day by forgetting to pray or spend time in His Word. We get a jump on our week by skipping out on church, or by substituting church for a screen with a preacher on it. When Jesus is left in the back seat, when we concern ourselves with many things, we ignore the one that can bring clarity, peace, and order to our life in the first place. Bill Senyard likes to say that we are “overwhelmed, over-connected, and over-committed.” Do you ever feel that way? Try this. Sit down alone for a few minutes. Write down your priorities. If God isn’t your top priority, why isn’t he? Next question, does your life match up to the priorities you’ve listed?

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